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In a nutshell...

Oakscale is a subsidiary of Metric Collective, a technology company that owns FranchiseHelp (The largest lead portal by market share) and FranFunnel (The #1 ranked franchise technology company by Entrepreneur). We are dedicated to supporting the growth of emerging franchisors via venture funding.

As experienced venture investors we are laser focused on scaling brands that we have strong conviction in and to whom we believe we can add the most value. We seek to partner with companies that share our mission, embrace diverse leadership, and share our viewpoints on franchising.

We originally started as a franchise development company, and thus we provide the most value to organizations with strong leadership, systems, and brand already in place.

What do we look for in a company in order to invest?

Our partners and directors evaluate prospective investment in five separate areas:

  • Team's unique expertise or track record
  • Unit Economics
  • Replicability
  • Current Traction
  • Customer Feedback / Reviews

What stage does Oakscale invest in?

Oakscale prefers to lead either the venture or Seed round for Franchisors. In addition, we seek to continue to invest in each round after until an exit.

How much does Oakscale invest?

Oakscale is not a typical VC fund. Most of Oakcale's investments will happen through an SPV created to aggregate investors. Regardless of size, all investments coming from Oakscale and its investors are pooled into a single purpose LLC (SPV) that appears on your cap table as a single entity bearing our parent company name (Metric Collective LLC)

How does Oakscale help it's portfolio companies?

Talent Recruitment: Our various companies have worked with hundreds of franchisors over the years. We have substantial connections in the franchise industry that allows us to assist our portfolio companies in recruiting experienced team members, and access a divers pool of talent that they may not have had access to.

Board Recruitment: We find that highly experienced board members can help provide tremendous insight and guidance to new franchise executives. We have helped place Inc 500 executives on the boards of our portfolio companies and will always recommend board members where possible for our portfolio companies.

Follow on Investment: We seek to invest in subsequent rounds for our portfolio companies as well as connect other strategic investors for future rounds.

Exit Consulting: For founders seeking to set up their business for an exit, we are able to provide guidance on considerations to maximize outcome.

What if Oakscale chooses not to invest?

Like any other investor, Oakscale only commits to and completes investment in only a portion of the opportunities it sees and evaluates. Anything from investment bandwidth to stage and fit, may  lead us to decide not to invest. We are happy to help every company we meet, regardless if we invest or not, be it with our other company services, introductions, or just candid feedback.

We want to be value-add partners for the next generation of high-growth franchise brands.
Joshua Kovacs, CEO of Oakscale

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