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In a nutshell…

Have you thought of outsourcing franchise sales? Oakscale is a sister company of Franchise Help (the largest lead portal in the industry) and FranFunnel  (the #1 ranked technology company in franchising by Entrepreneur). We live and breathe franchising and have the team and assets to drive incredible growth for your brand. Whether you are looking to expand with owner-operators or sophisticated experienced multi-unit franchisees. We can put together and execute on a franchise development plan that drives responsible and valuable growth for your franchise company.

Oakscale Full Suite of Services

Oakscale is a fully outsourced development company, we are very selective who we work with and want to make sure we can add great value as a partner. As a fully outsourced partner, that means we take on the entire development process from lead generation to close.

  • Lead Generation
  • Candidate Qualification
  • Hosting Discovery Days
  • Negotiate Territories and Agreements
  • Award fantastic franchise opportunities

Case Study:
Unit Development Partnership with PetWellClinic

After partnering with PetWellClinic in June of 2020 we have sold over 130 franchise units in less than 2 years. All franchisees are multi-unit franchisees and 80%+ have prior business ownership experience.

130 units sold to predominately experienced franchisees in just two years.”

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