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Franchising your business is an effective way to scale into multiple markets with qualified independent owners. Our firm works with business owners who want to grow through franchising to take them through the steps necessary to launch their franchise program.

From high-growth emerging brands to large chain businesses we assist clients through all stages to ensure a well thought-out and implemented franchise program.

As a full-service franchise consulting company, Oakscale provides a range of consulting services for brands seeking to launch a franchise program or update their existing program:

  • Franchise Feasibility Study
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Franchisor Business Plan
  • Franchisor Document Creation

Our clients benefit from a valuable combination of international insight and local knowledge that allows us to consult on all aspects of the creation of a franchise program. Understanding the industry and day-to-day issues faced by franchisors is critical to our success.

That is why alongside their franchise experience, our team has industry-specific experience whether its is F&B, Education, Non-Food Retail, Home Service, or other sectors.

Case Study:
Franchise Consulting, PetWellClinic

Our franchise program was initially established by a small attorneys office, it was adequate to sell our first unit but we felt as through it could be set up better. Oakscale conducted the market research necessary to see how we compared to our competitors and  found multiple areas where we could have better control over our IP and franchise program. Since working with Oakscale to create our current franchise program we have sold 130 new franchise units.

Since working with Oakscale to create our current franchise program, we have sold 130 new franchise units.
Dr.Sam, PetWellClinic

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