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What Type Of Franchises Can I Start Right Now?

Often when people think of opening a franchise, they think about where they would open it. You’ve seen that “For Rent” sign on that fantastic location for months now… maybe you should be the one to lease that space with a great franchise concept!

After all, location location location. However, depending on what type of franchise you’d like to open in that location, it could easily be 6 to 12 months before you actually get open. During that time you’d be managing a construction process, ordering equipment, and hiring. 

For some, that’s an exciting process because they have experience in construction, procurement, and hiring. But for others, it’s a bit daunting and their dream of opening a franchise remains just that… a dream.

But what if there were franchises you could open right now. No need to find real estate, no need to go through a lengthy construction process, and no initial hires to be made. These franchises exist, and while it may take you a month or two to research the franchise and be approved by the franchisor, you can get started as soon as you sign that franchise agreement. 

We compiled a list of just a few that might be worth looking into, and even if none of these strike your fancy, perhaps it will plant a seed for a different idea. 

Coffee as a Service

There’s really only one franchise in this category, Xpresso Delight. As a franchise owner, you essentially run a B2B sales operation, utilizing the franchisor’s time-tested marketing and sales playbook to scale a recurring revenue business. Offices typically pay for bad coffee for their employees. Xpresso Delight provides premium automatic espresso machines and a proprietary blend of coffee to offices so employees can drink latte and cappuccinos all day long. Offices are invoiced at the end of each month for the total number of cups consumed. It’s a simple, recurring revenue business that relies on your ability to execute on marketing and sales from your home. 


InXpress is the leader in this category though there are others to evaluate as well. As a franchise owner, you essentially act as a logistics broker for your clients. This opportunity is again built on B2B marketing and sales. Some owners operate from their home then transition to an office once the business is thriving. You’ll also need to hire a sales team as time goes on. 


There are some heavy hitting franchise brands in this category. You’ve likely heard of some of them: Jan-Pro, ServiceMaster, or Molly Maid. Some specialize in commercial contracts while others service people’s homes. You can start off by handling accounts on your own, then hiring cleaning staff, or you can hire right from the start. Either way, you can start these franchises right now. 

Ultimately, franchising is a matter of when, not just where. Particularly in a down economy, when time is of the essence, the location of your store might take a back seat to the leverage of your speed.

There’s no reason to wait months or even years to turn your entrepreneurial aspirations into a thriving enterprise.

Strike while the iron is hot. Focus on finding businesses you can start right now, and your own personal economy will thrive.

Joe Sexton is the Senior Director of Development at Oakscale, where he focuses on implementing marketing and sales strategies to drive growth for the portfolio of franchise brands.
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