PetWellClinic Franchise Signs 3 Unit Deal To Provide Pet Care in NorthEast Massachusetts

June 21, 2022

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Joshua Kovacs

Veterinary Franchise

PetWellClinic, an emerging pet-wellness franchise, has signed a three-unit franchise agreement to open locations in Massachusetts, specifically in the Northeastern part of the state.

The clinics will provide convenient walk-in preventative care for pets including general check-ups, vaccinations and treatment of minor ailments and chronic conditions in a walk-in environment.

The multi-unit agreement has been signed by Jeff Bezer, a first-time franchisee with an extensive background in business management. After his experience in various management roles, most recently at a medical device company, Bezer realized his passion for helping others. With a dedication to serving his community and making a difference in people's lives, Bezer felt drawn to PetWellClinic as a potential business owner. The brand's vital pet care model, affordability and convenience were the main catalysts for Bezer to begin his first entrepreneurial venture.

"I always knew I wanted to own a business, but I also wanted to help people and make a difference in my community," said Jeff. "I know that PetWellClinic can alleviate the stress and high costs of pet ownership. The walk-in veterinary model is just as innovative as it is traditional. PetWellClinic is bringing back the joy in veterinary care for animal owners seeking an affordable, convenient and community-oriented clinic for their furry family members."

Not only does the PetWellClinic model provide an incredible quality of life for pets and their owners, but it's also a practical option for veterinarians and veterinary technicians looking for a new career with a sustainable workload. Since the clinic purely focuses on preventable care with simplified services, veterinarians are only needed during daytime hours. Each clinic offers 8-hour work days, meaning no more overnight or double-shifts and no more emergency surgeries.

"PetWellClinic prides itself on much more than the quality services we provide for our pets," says Dr. Sam Meisler, DVM, founder and CEO of PetWellClinic. "We also create an environment focused on work-life balance for our highly-ranked veterinarians. With the ability to grant our staff daytime working hours, our pet care model stays consistent with everyone involved. PetWellClinic ensures an environment of care and kindness and that starts with our own staff."

Each PetWellClinic location also utilizes a proprietary veterinary software program designed by Dr. Meisler for seamless clinic processes and to maximize efficiency throughout the day. The locations are designed for complete transparency and openness, so clients can see everything that is happening, from the front of the clinic to the back.

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