Modern Veterinary Franchise Expands to Southern Orange County

Publication Date:
November 10, 2021
Joshua Kovacs
PetCare Franchise

PetWellClinic, an emerging pet care franchise, has announced it is expanding to the South Orange County area, marking PetWellClinic’s first deal in the State of California. The clinics will offer walk-in preventative and wellness care, including check-ups and vaccinations, as well as treatment of minor ailments and chronic conditions. PetWellClinic’s unique model offers easily accessible, affordable, and quality pet care in contrast to more traditional veterinary clinics.

The five-unit agreement has been signed by franchisee Scott Volk, a 30-year veteran of the clinical research and consulting industries. Volk, a resident of Irvine, found a distinct need for these convenient clinics in Southern California.

“As a pet owner myself, I understand how difficult it can be to find convenient, quality care for your family pet,” Volk says. “Residents of South Orange County are sure to embrace the PetWellClinic concept. They lead busy lives and don’t have time to wait over a week to see a veterinarian for a simple check-up. With this model, our pets can get the care they need while owners enjoy the ease and quality of the preventative services.”

Preventative care for pets is an essential part of maintaining a pet’s overall health and wellness. PetWellClinic makes it easy to stay on top of their medical needs; offering expert, affordable care to ensure pets are living their life to the fullest.

In addition to pet wellness services, PetWellClinic’s model provides veterinarians with a balanced work schedule. Operating on an 8-hour work day and offering a streamlined list of services, PetWellClinic favors a sustainable workload over stressed-out employees.

“Our clinics provide the best possible care to your pets, but we make it a priority to maintain a sustainable work environment for our vets,” says Dr. Sam Meisler, DVM, founder and CEO of PetWellClinic. “Our clinic model allows for vets to leave work ‘at work’ versus the need for on-call status or overnight shifts. When our vets lead healthy lives, they’re more focused and able to provide even better care to their patients.”