Franchise Hope: cold brew for health care heroes

Xpresso Delight is raising money to provide cold brew to #HealthCareHeroes

Xpresso Delight, the world’s largest and fastest growing coffee service franchise, recently announced it’s new work-at-home cold brew program in response to COVID-19 (See the Press Release Here). Like many other franchises during this time, Xpresso Delight has had to innovate and adapt in this new climate to continue to generate revenue, as well as support its franchisees and clients. 

A quote from the press release reads “We wanted to figure out a way to get cold brew shipped out directly to our loyal clients’ employees without sacrificing quality. Luckily, we had already been piloting a program to ship cold brew direct to offices so while there were some logistics to work out, we already had a product ready to go that we stand by,” said Nigell Lee, President of Xpresso Delight. 

Not only has Xpresso Delight quickly pivoted from what was solely a B2B operation, they have also leveraged the new Cold Brew program to support the fight against COVID-19. With the entirety of the ‘non-essential’ retail landscape on lockdown, the essential workers who are still punching the clock everyday no longer have the option to grab a pick-me-up via a cup of coffee. 

Recognizing this, Xpresso Delight has been using their newly launched Cold Brew campaign to support the tireless healthcare professionals who are working grueling shifts in their battles on the frontlines of the pandemic. For every order of Cold Brew that gets purchased through XD Coffee’s cold brew website, 20% of the purchase price goes back into a Go Fund Me account that funds the cold brew program for the hospitals. This means for every 5 purchases, a full order of Cold Brew, or 32 cups of coffee is donated to NYC’s HealthCare Heroes, which includes Mount Sinai Beth Israel, Mount Sinai Morningside, New York Presbyterian, and more. 

In a little over a week, more than $3,000 has been raised in the GoFundMe campaign, providing over 2,000 cups of coffee to hospital workers! As you can see below, the impact is real, and Xpresso Delight is truly utilizing their business to make a difference during this crisis.

Northwell Health Long Island Jewish Medical Center

The success of Xpresso Delight’s partnered campaign is thanks in large part to:

1) great leadership, which has stayed poised in the face of uncertainty, and;

2) staying focused on its core competencies to do their part in this fight - which for them is logistical expertise, and providing damn good coffee. 

“We naturally had to find a way to innovate during this crisis to first and foremost support our franchisees and their businesses - but we also realized that given the global nature of this pandemic, we wanted to do whatever we could, however big or small, to contribute to the cause. We feel we are doing that, and we hope other Franchisors follow suit in applying their specific expertise to help fight COVID-19”, said Nigell Lee.

If you would like to support the program referenced, you can donate directly to the GoFundMe at, or make a purchase at, of which 20% of the purchase goes to the fundraiser. 

January 26, 2021
Patrick Buckley