Fast Growing Pet-Care Franchise Expands To Salt Lake City

Publication Date:
March 29, 2022
Joshua Kovacs
Pet-Care Franchise

PetWellClinic an emerging pet-care franchise, has awarded a 12-unit agreement in Salt Lake City, Utah. The clinics will provide convenient veterinary care for pets including general check-ups, vaccinations and treatment of minor ailments in a walk-in environment. PetWellClinic's unique clinic model offers an affordable, easily accessible health care experience for pets and pet owners versus traditional veterinary clinics or pet hospitals.

The multi-unit agreement has been signed by Ed and Betsy Erb who just last year signed an 8-unit deal in Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Louisiana. After ten years in the military and another decade working in corporate positions, Ed and Betsy signed last year's agreement with PetWellClinic to begin a new chapter in their professional lives. Betsy is currently working part-time as a veterinary assistant while in the process of applying to veterinary school. With a passion for public service, both Ed and Betsy feel compelled to bring PetWellClinic's vital pet care model to a community in need of an affordable, convenient option.

"When visiting Salt Lake City recently with our pets, one fell under the weather and we could not find an open vet appointment for months," said Betsy. "It felt like a sign to Ed and I that we needed to do something to help this community. There is significant need for affordable walk-in vet care in Salt Lake City, and we know that PetWellClinic's quality, essential services will help alleviate some of the stress pet owners face when trying to find an appointment."

PetWellClinic's preventative care services give pet owners the ability to see to their pets' current needs and prevent health issues in the future. PetWellClinic's services help pet owners identify potential problems in a timely manner while giving owners the ability to provide the best care at an affordable price.

Each PetWellClinic location also utilizes a proven veterinary software program designed by Dr. Meisler to run seamlessly and maximize efficiency. The locations are designed for complete transparency and openness, so clients can see everything that is happening, from the front of the clinic to the back.

For more information about PetWellClinic franchise opportunities, please visit or contact Joe Sexton at PetWellClinic has partnered with Oakscale, to lead franchise development efforts for the brand. For more information about Oakscale, please visit