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Advantage Of Home Based Franchise

Whether you’re already looking at franchise opportunities or you’re simply looking for more freedom in your life, a home-based franchise offers benefits that you won’t find with more traditional franchises or brick and mortar businesses.

When most people think of franchises, they think about fast food restaurants like McDonald’s or Burger King. However there are great franchise opportunities that you’ve probably never heard of, or maybe didn’t know that they were a franchise. I’ll lay out a few of the advantages of home-based franchises below, and point one out in particular that is quietly taking over as the leader in its category.

No Real Estate

Starting a home-based franchise means you get to avoid the lengthy and arduous process of working with brokers to find the perfect location. Signing a lease also requires a commitment of 3 to 10 years at that location and you need to put up your personal assets to guarantee the length of the lease term.

No Construction

Since you won’t be opening a brick and mortar business, you won’t have the upfront expense of building out the location which can range from $50,000 to over $1M depending on the size of the space and the type of business.


No need to report in to a particular location on any given day so you get to determine your own schedule and working hours. Depending on the type of business, you may find yourself out and about visiting clients throughout the week, but you get to work everything around your own calendar.

Limited Employees

Typically home-based franchises require far less employees than a brick and mortar business so while you may need to hire and manage people, it will likely be only a few individuals.

So What are the Options?

There’s tons of home-based franchises! Logistics/Shipping, Landscaping, Moving Companies, Travel Planning, Fitness and Training, Recruiting, Vending, and even Coffee Service.

If you’re looking at home based franchises that check all of the boxes above, take the time to check out the world’s fastest growing coffee service franchise, Xpresso Delight. It recently won Franchise Help’s Profitability Award and grew by over 400% in 2019 in the U.S. alone.

Worst case scenario: it’s not the right opportunity for you. Best case scenario: you build a business that gives you the flexibility you want now with the financial upside for your future.

Joe Sexton is the Senior Director of Development at Oakscale, where he focuses on implementing marketing and sales strategies to drive growth for the portfolio of franchise brands.
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