Joshua Kovacs CEO of Oakscale Franchise Development Company
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"Oakscale helps emerging brands reach their potential. We'll help you scale into an international franchise - as a partner"

Joshua Kovacs

CEO at Oakscale

Our Story

Hi, I'm Joshua Kovacs. I'm an entrepreneur, and founder of Oaksale.

Joshua Kovacs

After 10+ years in the franchise world, I understand the effort that goes into scaling your brand and bringing on trusted partners to represent your brand in new communities. The months of due diligence, reams of agreements, meeting with brokers, marketers, lead generators - it's a thankless job to be an emerging franchisor with no guarantee of success. And yet hundreds of founders embark on a franchise journey every year.

So I decided it was time to create a company to back franchise founders. Cutting out the middlemen and the complications of franchising. We partner with impressive founders and pour fuel on the fire to drive franchise growth. Ask us about our thoughts on the industry, we are always happy to share :)

Metric Collective

Oakscale was created as a subsidiary of Metric Collective.

The Metric Collective team meeting on a Zoom call to discuss franchising.

Metric Collective owns FranchiseHelp, the largest franchise digital marketing company in the world, and FranFunnel, a SaaS franchise sales platform that was recently ranked the #1 software company in the franchise industry by Entrepreneur. Oakscale was created to fulfill a need: to help emerging franchise brands leverage enterprise sales teams.

Franchise Help the largest lead generator in the franchise industry regarding prospective franchise leads.


The largest lead generator in franchising.

FranFunnel a sales Saas platform that helps franchise sales teams reach their leads.


The #1 ranked technology company by Entrepreneur.

Your next franchise parter is here.

Selling your franchise is usually a long and frustrating experience, full of stops and starts, hard-nosed negotiation, and emotional flare-ups. It’s like going on a string of bad dates until you finally find a match, and even then, there’s no guarantee the relationship will go the distance. Hiring a traditional development company is expensive, due diligence takes months of time, and even if you do everything right, you may not even sell a deal while being required to pay high development fees and monthly retainers. Oakscale believes that partners shouldn't charge each other for their time. Instead, they should share in the upside.

Joshua Kovacs and Joseph Sexton of Oakscale discussing how to grow franchise brands.

"I decided to help other franchise founders build the right relationships to take their brand to the next level - The result was Oakscale"

Joshua Kovacs

CEO at Oakscale

Joshua Kovacs and Joseph Sexton of Oakscale in front of a franchisor.

The Oakscale Team

Joshua Kovacs

Joshua Kovacs

Co-Founder and CEO

Rob Huntington

Rob Huntington

CEO of Metric Collective and Board Member

Joseph Sexton

Joseph Sexton

Senior VP of Development

Tyler Burdett

Tyler Burdett

Sales Development Representative

Jessica Dribnack

Jessica Dribnack

Franchise Consultant

Scott Ginsberg Head of Content for Oakscale Franchise Development Company

Scott Ginsberg

Head of Content

Kayvon Bina a founder and board member of Oakscale

Kayvon Bina

Board Member and Co-Founder of Oakscale and Metric Collective

Sandeep Kella founder of Metric Collective and board member of Oakscale franchise development company.

Sandeep Kella

Board Member and Co-Founder

Our Investors

Brett Barna an Investor and Board Member of Oakscale

Brett Barna

Investor and Board Member

Tim Tully Investor in Oakscale

Tim Tully


Innovating Capital an investor in Oakscale

Pen King | Innovating Capital


Liveris Family Office an investor in Oakscale

Liveris Family Office