Oakscale is a franchise sales and marketing company.We help brands structure franchise development expansion plans with measurable results, allowing franchisors to outsource (while remaining in control of) their development and marketing execution responsibilities so they can focus their passion and energies on their core competency of franchise operations. Oakscale is a subsidiary of Metric Collective -- a 3x Inc 5000 fastest-growing company in America -- that was recently featured in Forbes for its unique approach to combining strategy, technology, and digital marketing to scale fast-growing companies. 

Franchisor Consulting: When you partner with Oakscale, you're not simply contracting a development and marketing agency -- you're instantly signing up a team of highly skilled and experienced franchise development professionals who will advise you on how to establish a best-in-class franchise system that is specifically designed to take advantage of the rapid growth our development and marketing capabilities (described in detail below) will unlock for your franchise concept and system.



Every franchise around the world has the same challenge staring it in the face – how do I find the right people to become a franchisee? This is where Oakscale comes in. With our complete franchisee recruitment platform, you are essentially adding an entire development office to your franchise in one single swoop. We handle all the important aspects of development with a specific focus on what works for your brand:

1. Franchisee Profile – Every franchise is looking for someone different. Perhaps there are specific capital, licensing, or experience requirements? Perhaps your focus is on multi-unit operators who currently own one or more complementary concepts. Maybe you want to go down a master franchisee or area developer route? Whatever it is, we’ll work with you to make sure we identify and target precisely the right franchisees to open and successfully operate your concept.

2. Development Plan – Having worked hand-in-hand with you to identify the ideal franchisee profile allows us to develop a specific, customized plan for how we’re going to reach and attract those prospects to your concept. Which lead sources are we going to focus on? What will the sales process look like? What are the growth targets and how quickly do we think we can accomplish this? At the end of this stage we want to have a clear, mutual understanding of how we’re both going to achieve our goals.

3. Development Marketing – There are certainly no shortage of options when it comes to marketing your franchise opportunity. We want to make sure that we get all the basics covered (like an informative, beautifully designed potential franchisee website and an excellent prospect follow-up plan), but we probably also want to leverage other best-in-class providers who specialize in various aspects of franchise marketing. Suffice it to say, your brand’s marketing plan will be unique and specifically tailored to emphasize the unique selling proposition of your brand.

4. Franchise Sales and Closing – After generating qualified leads, it’s all about closing deals. Our team has years of experience working with potential franchisees to get the transaction closed. The franchise sales world is a complicated and constantly shifting one, but in the end it’s really all about exceptional process design and execution. We’ll guide you on a step-by-step process for taking each and every lead from first conversation through discovery day and ultimately to closing.

Most importantly, when working with us, you don’t need to think about all this stuff (unless you want to)! With Oakscale, you’re partnering with a group that eats, sleeps, and breathes franchisee recruitment. If you believe that your franchise is in need of a stellar partner to design and execute a modern development strategy for rapid and responsible growth, please contact us today to get the conversation started.



Between franchisee training, operations, finance, and compliance monitoring, as a franchisor you have more than enough to worry about in your day-to-day responsibilities. Meanwhile, the pace at which your brand’s consumer-facing marketing strategies must evolve to remain current and effective is only increasing, with new media channels, advertising platforms, creative formats, consumer communication devices, and marketing technologies seemingly popping up everyday.

Oakscale’s in-house digital marketing agency is at the forefront of modern marketing practices, freeing franchisors to focus on their core competencies and outsource their franchise systems’s brand marketing to a partner that obsesses over successfully (and measurably) marketing to consumers. Oakscale’s marketing capabilities can be utilized to grow franchisor brand equity, attract new customers, and lift customer retention and loyalty to increase unit revenues through digital, traditional, and social media channels.

Our national brand marketing programs are always customized to our clients’ concepts, and can encompass a mix of marketing solutions, including:

  • Managed Paid Advertisement and Traditional Media Buys

  • Customer-Oriented Social Advertising

  • Sponsored Content & PR Amplification

  • Franchisee-Accessible, Brand-Consistent Creative Repository

  • Franchisee Custom Creative Services

  • Franchise Brand Collateral

  • Franchise System Data Marketing Analysis

  • Paid Digital Media (Adwords, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram, Podcasts, Internet Radio, etc)



Successfully marketing on behalf of local franchisees requires greater thoughtfulness and planning than merely scaling down or localizing national strategies and campaigns. At the local level, marketers must be relentlessly metrics-focused, iterative, and ROI-driven in their approach. Oakscale’s local marketing solutions and expertise allow a franchise system’s local marketing budgets to drive maximum results for local franchised locations, from a franchisees’s grand opening budget to ongoing customer acquisition and retention efforts.

Managing budgets that must be deployed intelligently and extremely efficiently, the best local marketers structure their strategies from the start to track clearly defined target metrics (e.g., leads, inquiries, site visits, in-store visits, offer redemptions, store revenue, or local branding / impression goals); to be adaptable in response to whatever the data reveals is working for a given campaign and market; and to continually test and incorporate the best of what is working in other markets, while respecting the differences in various geographies.

Our local marketing expertise spans a variety of capabilities, including:

  • Traditional and Digital Local Brand Marketing

  • Performance (Data- / Metrics-Driven) Local Marketing

  • Franchisee Social Media Management