Sell Franchises To The Right Partners

Let Us Do the Hardest Part. We'll Bring You Qualified Franchisees. No Upfront Fees.

Ditch development companies that focus on up-front fees and retainers while bringing you less than ideal candidates. Bring on a development partner thats aligned with you for the long term.

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Gain access to the thousands of conversations Oakscale is having with qualified franchise buyers.

Oakscale PetWellClinic Franchise Application Statistics
(as of June 2021)

Average Net-Worth

$2.7 Million

Average Liquid Capital


Ownership Experience

67% of Applications

Scale in 3 Simple Steps

1 - Partner with Oakscale

Team up with the only franchise development company that focuses on long term growth.

  • Schedule brand overview meeting
  • Provide detailed financials
  • Meet the team and agree on terms

“We created Oakscale to grow emerging franchisors as long term partners.”

Joshua Kovacs and Joseph Sexton of Oakscale discussing how to grow franchise brands.

Josh and Joe

Oakscale Developement

2 - Respond To Intros

The Oakscale team will begin finding your perfect franchisees that meet your "perfect franchisee" criteria.

  • Oakscale operates as an extension of your brand.
  • No more wasted meetings
  • Only meet with highly qualified candidates

“I invested in Oakscale because there is simply no other development company in the US that is as capable and thorough as they are.”

Robert Huntington

Investor and CEO of Metric Collective

3 - Scale Your Brand

Once you have met the perfect franchisee and they they want to be a part of your brand, we review the agreement with both you and the candidate prior to signing. That's it! you've sold a franchise and can move on to many more.

  • Bring on highly qualified franchisees
  • Scale your brand into the next international sensation.

“Oakscale has brought us world-class franchisees to allow us to scale quickly and intelligently”

Dr. Sam Meisler

CEO of PetWellClinic

"Working with Oakscale has brought tons of attention to my franchise. Right away we sold 4 deals at our first discovery day and we are now over 80 units in development! Growth is never easy, but Oakscale has made this process as seamless as it can get."

Dr. Sam Meisler

CEO of PetWellClinic Franchise