Private Equity

Oakscale has partnered with Westside Franchise Brands to invest in emerging and early-stage franchise brands.

What we look for

Franchise Unit Economics
The leverage of franchising lies in the franchisees' ability to profit from faithfully executing a concept's business model. If a brand does not have solid historic financial data to support profitable unit operation than it will not be considered for funding.
Repeatable Operations
To successfully franchise a business the product or service offered by franchisees and trained by Franchisors must be straightforward for franchisees to learn and delivery consistently.
Scalable Supply Chain
Franchisees must be able to economically and reliably source material for your service or product throughout any market in which you intend to franchise.
Passionate Consumer Base
Strong customer advocates and positive word of mouth are leading indicators of a concept’s breakout potential. Proxies for this kind of early brand equity include online reviews, social media activity, and an engaged digital following.
Strong Executive Team
An executive team with a deep understanding of their industry, the ability to articulate a compelling vision, and the capacity to manage rapid growth are key attributes for brands partnering with Oakscale.