Franchise Development

Our goal is simple. Build great franchise brands.


Joshua Kovacs

Joshua Kovacs is the CEO of Oakscale, where he leads strategy and development efforts by connecting multi-unit franchise operators and private equity to high growth, emerging franchise brands.

Joseph Sexton

Joe Sexton is the Senior Director of Development at Oakscale, where he focuses on implementing marketing and sales strategies to drive growth for the portfolio of franchise brands.

Patrick Buckley

Patrick Buckley is a Franchise Sales Associate at Oakscale, where he works under the Director of Development to drive growth for the portfolio of franchise brands.

Growth in 12 months.
Oakscale + Xpresso Delight
80 units
Growth in <12 months.
Oakscale + PetWellClinic

We're just getting started.

Started by Metric Collective
April 2017
Oakscale was started by Metric Collective  in April, 2017 to help emerging franchisors expand their brands through franchising .
Oakscale Raised $1.2M in Funding
January 2019
Oakscale successfully raised outside investment from industry veterans and sophisticated investors.

Launched Emerging Franchisor Accelerator.
February 2019
Oakscale is actively partnering with emerging franchise brands seeking to accelerate their growth.
What is Oakscale looking for?
Oakscale is sector agnostic; we work with franchisors with great executive teams, compelling business opportunities, and solid unit economics.
Where can I get more information on what Oakscale is looking for in a Franchisor?
When evaluating potential partnership Oakscale focuses on Five areas:

1. Unit Economics
2. Supply Chain
3. Operations
4. Executive Teams
5. Consumer Base

In our collective experience, we notice brands have a higher chance of success will score highly in four of these five areas at minimum. Check out our Private Equity page to read more about these qualifiers.
At what stage does Oakscale typically partner with a brand?
Oakscale typically partners with franchise brands that have less than 10 units open to maximize our effect on the overale growth of a brand and to ensure no "bad franchise habits" have been formed before partnership.
Does Oakscale accept brand applications?
We regrettably do not accept applications for franchise development partnership. Of all brands we have engaged with to date, every single one has been made as a result of a warm introduction to us by members and friends of Oakscale. If you explore your social network you'll likely find an Oakscale member / friend to whom you can reach out for an intro.
What if Oakscale chooses not to partner?
Oakscale is not your typical franchise development company, we prefer to work closely with brands we belive we can have the largest impact on and so we only say "yes" to a portion of the brands presented to us. Because things are always changing, a "no" generally means "not now" as opposed to "not ever".

We are generally happy to help every franchisor we meet, be it with introductions or "solid and helpful" feedback, so don't be afraid to ask!